***Live Updates*** Trump Impeachment Trial: Senators Ask More Questions

***Live Updates*** Trump Impeachment Trial: Senators Ask More Questions

***Live Updates*** Trump Impeachment Trial: Senators Ask More Questions

Senators will have eight more hours on Thursday to ask questions in President Donald Trump’s impeachment trial.

Stay tuned to Breitbart News for live updates. All times eastern.

2:00 PM: Brown and Wyden ask the House managers about Trump’s team failure to give an adequate response about foreign interference in elections and whether it should be reported to the FBI and is a violation of law. They ask if Trump stays in office, what signal would that send to other countries that want to interfere in elections.

Jeffries says it would send “a terrible message to autocrats and dictators and enemies of democracy and the free world.”

1:55 PM: Portman and other GOP Senators as Trump’s team about Jonathan Turley’s testimony. They ask if Turley said abuse of power is difficult to prove without criminal allegations and was not proven in this case.

Philbin says Turley was very critical of the process in the House and the charges that the Democrats were considering. Philbin says Turley explained that this was a rushed process that did not adequately pursue an investigation. Philbin points out Nixon was charged with criminal violations within the abuse of power article.

1:49 PM: Rosen asks the House managers what precedent (putting personal interest above national security) they believe Trump is setting for future presidents.

Crow references his service and says it has taught him that the country is strong not just because of the sacrifice of people in uniform but because the nation has friends and doesn’t go it alone. Crow says if other nations will not stand by the country if they do not feel that its word/handshake do not mean anything.

1:41 PM: Cruz and other Senators ask about Hunter Biden and Burisma and Hunter contradicting his dad’s claim that he never spoke to Hunter about Biden. They ask both parties if the House asked anyone about these conflicting remarks.

Bondi says Biden was paid $80,000+ without any experience in the energy sector and Joe Biden was the point man for Ukraine. She says the arrangement “raised eyebrows” worldwide and Joe Biden never asked his son to leave the board even though he knew all of the corruption surrounding Burisma.

Demings says the Bidens are not relevant witnesses. She pivots and makes the case for calling people like Mulvaney to testify.

1:35 PM: Jones asks the House managers to identify which provision or provisions authorized the subpoenas before HR 660. Schiff says they didn’t have the Justice Department do the original investigation because Barr turned it down. Schiff warns that Congress will be stripped of its oversight powers and thus its legislative powers as well.

Schiff lists the subpoenas that went out after HR. 660, including the one that went out to Mulvaney.

1:31 PM: In response to a question about whether Trump is the first innocent defend not to waive his rights, Philbin says it is “antithetical to the American system of justice and due process” to argue someone is guilty for reserving Constitutional rights.

1:25 PM: Tester asks the House managers if there is any limit to the type of quid pro quo a sitting president can engage with a foreign entity so long as the president believes he is doing what he believes is in the public interest. Tester giving Democrats a chance to whack Dershowitz.

Schiff says there is no limiting principle to Dershowitz’s arguments. He said it is “astonishing” that someone would make that argument. Schiff says there has been a “descent into Constitutional madness.” Schiff says you only make that client when you know your client is guilty and dead to rights. He says the White House’s argument is a “normalization of lawlessness.”

1:20 PM: Toomey and other GOP Senators ask Trump’s lawyers how much weight Senators should give to Trump potentially being removed and kicked off the ballot.

Sekulow says it does a disservice and complicates the matter for the American people because this is occurring at the dawn of a new election season. Sekulow says Pelosi claimed it was such a national urgency and yet let the articles linger for a month. He says Democrats are trying to take the vote away from the American people.

1:16 PM: Baldwin asks the House managers what witnesses could answer Romney’s question about when Trump first ordered the hold.

Crow cites emails from Bolton,  Cooper, Croft and testimony from Vindman. He says they could subpoena Bolton and send subpoenas to the State and Defense Departments.

1:15 PM: Chief Justice Roberts declines to read Rand Paul’s question as submitted.

1:10 PM: Murray asks the managers about why the managers did not issue subpoenas. She wants them to elaborate why their authority (full power of impeachment) controls.

Lofgren claims they were validly issued subpoenas under House rules. She says the White House’s argument about a full House vote is just an “excuse” because the White House did not comply with subpoenas before and after the vote. Lofgren says what the White House is arguing would also curtail the Senate’s subpoena power as well.

12:58 PM: Senators arriving as the trial is expected to resume at the top of the hour.

12:55 PM: Pelosi doesn’t seem confident Senators will ask for witnesses:

.@pkcapitol asks if Pres. Trump will be chastened or “emboldened because the Senate will have acquitted him?”@SpeakerPelosi: “He will not be acquitted. You cannot be acquitted if you don’t have a trial. And you don’t have a trial if you don’t have witnesses and documentation.” pic.twitter.com/HncgBj1PQE

— CSPAN (@cspan) January 30, 2020

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