***Live Updates*** George Floyd Protests Continue

***Live Updates*** George Floyd Protests Continue

***Live Updates*** George Floyd Protests Continue

George Floyd Protests Continue on Saturday.

Stay tuned to Breitbart News for live updates.

All times eastern.

7:59 PM:

Paul Ryan and John Boehner won’t say if they’ll vote for Trump in November. George W. Bush has already decided he won’t support him, say those familiar with his thinking. https://t.co/V7wUZB9kLS

— Aman Batheja (@amanbatheja) June 6, 2020

7:55 PM:

I promised George Floyd’s family that he wouldn’t just become another hashtag — and I intend to keep that promise.

We need justice. And we need real police reform to ensure this never occurs again.

— Joe Biden (@JoeBiden) June 6, 2020


— Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) June 6, 2020

7:50 PM:

Packed crowds in front of the White House. No major police or military presence. Everyone packed in and sweaty. Lots of incidental contact. From a coronavirus perspective, this is the most dangerous day of the protests I’ve seen. pic.twitter.com/Ev3Bkba4xu

— Hunter Walker (@hunterw) June 6, 2020

This is to give you a sense of what a 1.5-mile stretch of 16th street looks like today. This is by far the biggest crowd I’ve seen since I started covering these protests last Saturday. pic.twitter.com/HXLdUEw8MY

— Abdallah Fayyad (@abdallah_fayyad) June 6, 2020

7:45 PM:

Wow. Top Philly editor resigns after uproar over “Buildings Matter Too” headline on column about damage caused by rioting. https://t.co/6xFziBo6Lk

— Alec MacGillis (@AlecMacGillis) June 6, 2020

BREAKING: More than 30 journalists of color at the Philadelphia Inquirer are calling out sick today in protest of systemic racism; others are taking part in a byline strike. This was prompted by the paper’s disastrous ‘Buildings Matter, Too’ headline https://t.co/YNi1agJBh6

— Dave Jamieson (@jamieson) June 4, 2020

7:42 PM: Brittany Brees: ‘We Are Sorry.’

View this post on Instagram

WE ARE THE PROBLEM . I write this with tears in my eyes and I hope you all hear our hearts. I have read these quotes and scripture 1000 times and every time I read it and the words sink into my heart. I think yes this is what it’s all about…Only until the last few days ,until we experienced the death threats we experienced the hate… Did I realize that these words were speaking directly to us.. how could anyone who knows us or has had interactions with us think that Drew or I have a racist bone in our body? But that’s the whole point . Somehow we as white America, we can feel good about not being racist, feel good about loving one an another as God loves us. We can feel good about educating our children about the horrors of slavery and history. We can read books to our children about Martin Luther King, Malcolm X., Hank Aaron, Barack Obama, Rosa parks, Harriet Tubman.. and feel like we are doing our part to raise our children to love , be unbiased and with no prejudice. To teach them about all of the African Americans that have fought for and risked their lives against racial injustice. Somehow as white Americans we feel like that checks the box of doing the right thing. Not until this week did Drew and I realize THAT THIS IS THE PROBLEM. To say “I don’t agree with disrespecting the flag “.. I now understand was also saying I don’t understand what the problem really is, I don’t understand what you’re fighting for, and I’m not willing to hear you because of our preconceived notion‘s of what that flag means to us. That’s the problem we are not listening, white America is not hearing. We’re not actively LOOKING for racial prejudice. We have heard stories from men and women we have known and loved for years about the racism that occurred in their lives .. stories that were never shared or talked about because somehow they were considered normal. To all of our friends and anyone we hurt …we will do better.. We want to do better , we want to HEAR you, and we will fight for you because thinking we are not part of the problem…is checking the box it means we are are not doing enough. It’s our job to educate ourselves. We are sorry ?? -Brittany Brees

A post shared by Brees Dream Foundation (@breesdreamfoundation) on

7:40 PM: Philly:

And Eagles player Rodney McLeod pic.twitter.com/EolZ7OOZHx

— Alex Holley (@AlexHolleyFOX29) June 6, 2020

“To the powers that be, I hope that we have your attention…”

Malcolm Jenkins speaks to the crowd of protesters in front of the African American Museum in Philly: pic.twitter.com/XmaIXiyKEK

— Alex Holley (@AlexHolleyFOX29) June 6, 2020

7:35 PM: Sponsored by Gushers:

Gushers wouldn’t be Gushers without the Black community and your voices. We’re working with @fruitbythefoot on creating space to amplify that. We see you. We stand with you. pic.twitter.com/7y1DgUYitN

— Gushers (@gushers) June 6, 2020

7:30 PM:

I say this as a husband of an ER doctor who has been treating COVID patents for three months in NJ. We have many in media not scolding these gatherings regarding the burden on health professions that could result. Why is not aspect not being covered? Anyone? https://t.co/Lp0mYrxux0

— Joe Concha (@JoeConchaTV) June 6, 2020

7:25 PM: Minnesota:

Mayor Frey @Jacob_Frey says he doesnt want to defund the police. So the crowd led by @BlackVisionsMN tell him to leave. pic.twitter.com/DaJHJXPwRm

— CTUL (@CTUL_TC) June 6, 2020

Hard to see but there are thousands and thousands of protesters out here marching toward downtown. They’re chanting names of people killed by police. @StarTribune pic.twitter.com/bLRbycNz4X

— Aaron Lavinsky (@ADLavinsky) June 6, 2020

7:20 PM: Houston:

We want to pay proper tribute to #GeorgeFloyd and honor his family.

I have encouraged other Mayors across the nation to light their city halls crimson and gold which are the colors of his alma mater @JackYatesHigh. @TheRevAl

— Sylvester Turner (@SylvesterTurner) June 6, 2020

We want to pay proper tribute to #GeorgeFloyd and honor his family.

I have encouraged other Mayors across the nation to light their city halls crimson and gold which are the colors of his alma mater @JackYatesHigh. @TheRevAl

— Sylvester Turner (@SylvesterTurner) June 6, 2020

7:15 PM:

NEW: I got ahold of a section-by-section overview of the draft House and Senate Democrats policing bill that will be unveiled Monday

Check out the details here: https://t.co/0eaTHSe9ay

— Nicholas Fandos (@npfandos) June 6, 2020

7:10 PM:

Extraordinary showing in Dallas with estimates of 3,000 marchers and heat of nearly 100 degrees. Seeing ?? bandera pop up regularly at #GeorgeFloyd protests. https://t.co/o2UmBFy745

— Dianne Solis (@disolis) June 6, 2020

7:05 PM: Richmond, VA:

Protestors in Richmond circling the Robert E Lee statue here saying “black lives matter”, “no justice, no peace” and Floyd and Taylor’s names. #RichmondVA pic.twitter.com/f5EK8hFLU5

— Deepa Shivaram (@deepa_shivaram) June 6, 2020

Trump campaign text tonight: “Liberal THUGS are destroying our streets.” pic.twitter.com/py2j8cfUgn

— Meridith McGraw (@meridithmcgraw) June 6, 2020

7:00 PM:

Peaceful protest in Brooklyn now, marchers heading past Barclays Arena toward Manhattan Bridge with large gatherings of police looking on (many officers are not wearing masks) pic.twitter.com/0FQyxSFcQT

— Beth Fertig (@bethfertig) June 6, 2020

Absolutely. Unbelievable. The view from #Chopper4, looking down 16th Street leading to the White House: nearly a mile of tens of thousands of demonstrators #BlackLivesMatterDC #BreakingNews #GeorgeFloydProtests @nbcwashington @TomLynch_ #protests2020 #BREAKING pic.twitter.com/q8PK36VXR0

— Brad Freitas (@Chopper4Brad) June 6, 2020

By one estimate as many as 15,000 people marched on the pedestrian walkway over the Brooklyn Bridge – joining a group in lower Manhattan calling for justice. Tremendous energy throughout groups large and small in NYC today pic.twitter.com/ZjznRpKumU

— Chris Jansing (@ChrisJansing) June 6, 2020

This is a disgusting threat and exactly why the National Guard should already have been sent to NYC days ago to back up the NYPD and help maintain order.pic.twitter.com/OZlaSeFzMa

— Lee Zeldin (@RepLeeZeldin) June 6, 2020

Secret Service with long duffle bags and badges marked “United States Secret Service Special Operations Counter Sniper Team” heading into the Ronald Reagan Presidential Foundation and Institute building a block north of White House. pic.twitter.com/UmkLDI5eJJ

— Ford Fischer (@FordFischer) June 6, 2020

From some to just about everyone. The march on the Golden Gate Bridge has stopped all traffic. This is a captivating shot from our chopper. #BlackLivesMatter pic.twitter.com/T5GPrvvJyj

— Eric Shackelford (@ABC7Shack) June 6, 2020

A neighborhood group is painting and handing out free signs to passersby at Shattuck & Ashby in Berkeley. Anyone can come and make a sign. Abby, owner of RogueMark Studios across the street, started the action last week and its attracted a steady group of friends & volunteers. pic.twitter.com/77h3WkpUbf

— Thomas Rizza (@RizzaReports) June 6, 2020

#HAPPENINGNOW Hundreds of people participating in large peaceful #blacklivesmatter demonstration in @CityofOrinda #abc7now pic.twitter.com/Ui6esHXRUs

— Laura Anthony (@LauraAnthony7) June 6, 2020

Have your personal experiences with the police been mostly good, mostly bad, or mixed?


Whites: 55

Hispanics: 30

Blacks: 26

Q: Have you ever warned your children to be careful when dealing with the police?


Whites: 34

Hispanics: 45

Blacks: 83https://t.co/Pu8rbDrZg2

— Will Saletan (@saletan) June 6, 2020

ABC/Ipsos poll on Trump’s handling of America’s twin crises:


39% approve

60% disapprove

Floyd protests

32% approve

66% disapprove

— John Harwood (@JohnJHarwood) June 6, 2020

Former VP Biden just told the TX Dems convention he believes there’s a “real chance” they can win there in November.

This week, Pres. Trump’s political aides briefed him on “very concerning” internal polling that shows the president down in Texas, sources told me & @carolelee

— Monica Alba (@albamonica) June 6, 2020

Could Coach Pop win statewide office in Texas? He says he’s “embarrassed” as a white person after ex-officer Chauvin killed Floyd.

Bansky depicts U.S. flag on fire:

The scene in front of St John’s church in DC. pic.twitter.com/HN7GqVAV6m

— John Ourand (@Ourand_SBJ) June 6, 2020

Cardinal Blase Cupich said the Archdiocese will seek to have Chicago-area Catholic schools include George Floyd’s killing and its aftermath in the fall curriculum. https://t.co/j1GZlaXVBP

— Chicago Tribune (@chicagotribune) June 6, 2020

LIVE stream view of Black Lives Matter protest happening now in Washington DC — 16th Street just north of the White House, adjacent to Lafayette Square and St. John’s Churchhttps://t.co/elgSif0wya pic.twitter.com/uTtHxdlO9P

— Howard Mortman (@HowardMortman) June 6, 2020

George Floyd’s brother to testify in front of House committee hearing on police brutality: report https://t.co/8kH114Hvfb pic.twitter.com/v23jpef0rl

— The Hill (@thehill) June 6, 2020

Some 150-200 people at a BLM rally in Vidor, an East Texas town that’s infamously associated with racism and the Klan pic.twitter.com/Txf9iqvwOs

— Christopher Hooks (@cd_hooks) June 6, 2020

And the view as they passed. #GeorgeFloyd #SanFrancisco pic.twitter.com/19nLVCLbjs

— Liz Kreutz (@ABCLiz) June 6, 2020

1/ There’s been a lot on Twitter about how protests could spread coronavirus.

I recently talked to black protesters in DC. They KNOW about coronavirus. They especially know it’s killing black Americans at double the rate of others.

It’s part of why they’re out here (THREAD)

— Akilah Johnson (@akjohnson1922) June 6, 2020

And similar to past days, this is what protesters did when they passed the Trump Hotel on Pennsylvania Ave pic.twitter.com/ylrt2gZzVr

— Perry Stein (@PerryStein) June 6, 2020

Protestors gather along 16th Street NW near the White House during George Floyd protests on Saturday in Washington, D.C.

? Samuel Corum / Getty Images pic.twitter.com/YuDLp38I35

— NBC News (@NBCNews) June 6, 2020

#WhiteCoatsForBlackLives again join the #JusticeForGeogeFloyd protesters on 16th St in Washington, DC. @wusa9 pic.twitter.com/AkzcSS3btG

— Eric Flack (@EricFlackTV) June 6, 2020

Park Police just told me they are closing the Lincoln Memorial at this time because demonstrators are heading this way. @wusa9

— Kolbie Satterfield (@KolbieReports) June 6, 2020

On #BlackLivesMatter Plaza, we said “no”

In November, we say “next” pic.twitter.com/CmoleZd1eT

— Muriel Bowser (@MurielBowser) June 6, 2020

In a remarkable scene @MayorBowser is called onstage by a DJ entertaining #JusticeForGeogeFloyd demontrators in the middle of 16th Street. The Mayor climbed onto the risers with the help of her security and addressed a crowd of thousands. @wusa9 pic.twitter.com/pOwkKfDJU6

— Eric Flack (@EricFlackTV) June 6, 2020

The Arlington Memorial Bridge is temporarily closed as protesters march from Arlington to the White House.

Protesters tell me they’ve been walking for an hour.

They still have a ways to go. #dcprotest @wusa9 pic.twitter.com/4i7Gqt9Rtr

— Kolbie Satterfield (@KolbieReports) June 6, 2020

I’m at a protest in Minneapolis that’s is calling for the city’s police department to be defunded in the aftermath of George Floyd’s death. pic.twitter.com/FyAtZERz3D

— Adolfo Flores (@aflores) June 6, 2020

Another great job by the men & women of our @NYPDDetectives & @NYPDMTN ⬇️ https://t.co/oz70i8Umxg

— Commissioner Shea (@NYPDShea) June 6, 2020

Rep. Omar compared the Minneapolis PD to a cancer killing the community it’s supposed to protect.

“I don’t believe there is more training to be done. I don’t believe there is more $ to be invested. I don’t believe there is a conversation to be had about how to make them better” pic.twitter.com/PkEkS4CI7A

— Adolfo Flores (@aflores) June 6, 2020

Last pic didn’t do today’s demonstration crowd size justice. Here are two better angles atop the Art Museum steps. #Philly #GeorgeFloyd @NBCPhiladelphia pic.twitter.com/eqEndKSmTQ

— Brandon Hudson (@BHudTV) June 6, 2020

Thousands of people in Philadelphia continue to protest racism and police brutality following the death of George Floyd. Crowds in Center City stretched from the steps of the Art Museum and past the Cathedral Basilica of Saints Peter and Paul. https://t.co/LlmPCHjz7Q pic.twitter.com/6YJT2DvCW7

— NBC10 Philadelphia (@NBCPhiladelphia) June 6, 2020

Chopper 6 over the protest against police brutality being held at the Philadelphia Museum of Art. https://t.co/0UMNn2DFWI pic.twitter.com/jNUZMoZAd8

— Action News on 6abc (@6abc) June 6, 2020

A couple just got married along the protest route in Philly, and then immediately joined the march. pic.twitter.com/U5aPx3WOtJ

— Bradford Pearson (@BradfordPearson) June 6, 2020

The line of protesters coming across the Arlington Memorial Bridge seems to be never ending.

One protester estimated one to two thousand people are in this group.

They are making their way to the White House.

One man walked by saying “this is unprecedented” @wusa9 pic.twitter.com/6gnmBX3lxe

— Kolbie Satterfield (@KolbieReports) June 6, 2020

Philly turned OUT today. #JusticeForGeorgeFloyd pic.twitter.com/pP5ujA7CQd

— Helen Gym (@HelenGymPHL) June 6, 2020

USC Protest. pic.twitter.com/cG0TLkTKQK

— Brett Padelford (@b_pad) June 6, 2020

Protesters descended on a Baltimore County crab house today to confront owner over racist social media posts. @VincesCrabHouse in Middle River has a customer base that’s “75% black people” according to the owner Vince Meyer. https://t.co/z7SxpycDvi #BlackLivesMatter #Baltimore

— AprilDRyan (@AprilDRyan) June 6, 2020

4. Statement from Fox News:

“The infographic used to illustrate market reactions to historic periods of civil unrest should have never aired on television without full context. We apologize for the insensitivity of the image and take this issue seriously.”

— Yashar Ali ? (@yashar) June 6, 2020

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