***Live Updates*** George Floyd Protests Continue

***Live Updates*** George Floyd Protests Continue

***Live Updates*** George Floyd Protests Continue

George Floyd protests continue on Friday.

Stay tuned to Breitbart News for live updates. All times eastern.

8:00 PM: NYC:

Large crowd of health care workers just showed up to Union Square. The organizer tells me when so many have been clapping for them at 7pm due to Coronavirus, they want to clap for protestors at 7pm instead. @NY1 pic.twitter.com/TZCilZAs7Y

— Shannan Ferry (@ShannanFerry) June 5, 2020

7:59 PM: D.C.

My head was down, looking into my cpu, editing… next thing I know hundreds of people are marching in front of my car next to @DCPoliceDept HQ… in the pouring rain. They’re dedicated. (@wusa9) pic.twitter.com/7dqjNAfR23

— John Henry (@JohnHenryWUSA) June 5, 2020

At least 6 busloads of soldiers were dropped off near the @WhiteHouse. No one would tell me anything (unit, numbers, orders) except that they are coming in not going out. A soldier started speaking to me and was reprimanded. pic.twitter.com/gap0oS7PM5

— Patsy Widakuswara (@pwidakuswara) June 5, 2020

7:55 PM: ATL:

Video of armed Black Panthers joining and protecting the Black Lives Matter protests in Atlanta, Georgia. pic.twitter.com/ML8oZgdsXW

— redfish (@redfishstream) June 5, 2020

7:52 PM:

Black journalists talk to each other about the racism in our newsrooms, and share info about the bad actors and the people who dismiss, suppress, or disrespect Black voices. We know who they are, and many of us have kept receipts. (10/20)

— Kimberly Adams (@KAreports) June 5, 2020

7:50 PM:

An Editors’ Note has been appended to Tom Cotton’s Op-Ed pic.twitter.com/33PO5gqxLQ

— Joumana Khatib (@joumana_khatib) June 5, 2020

A misplaced ellipsis? The horror! I confess error and, like The New York Times leadership, throw myself on the mercy of the child mob now running the newspaper.

This editors’ note is another humiliation to The New York Times.

I stand by every word I wrote. pic.twitter.com/PBP1B5Y3xN

— Tom Cotton (@TomCottonAR) June 6, 2020

7:40 PM: Minnesota:

The protestors have reached E 38th St. and Oakland Ave., three miles from U.S. Bank Stadium where they started @KSTP pic.twitter.com/spJQl0Eh1R

— Callan Gray (@CallanGrayNews) June 5, 2020

Thousands of people are now marching down Chicago Ave., leaving @usbankstadium. This is the march organized by @10kFoundation @KSTP pic.twitter.com/wTqoP3V27S

— Callan Gray (@CallanGrayNews) June 5, 2020

7:35 PM:

BREAKING: Hours after he praised police for their restraint, an officer struck Police Board President Ghian Foreman 5 times with a baton at a protest @wttw https://t.co/Ea6sp4Mvxp

— Heather Cherone (@HeatherCherone) June 5, 2020

By the way, those Buffalo cops didn’t actually resign from the police force, which would’ve actually required sacrifice. They’re still employed, still getting paid, simply refusing to make themselves available for anti-riot SWAT duty.

— Kurt Andersen (@KBAndersen) June 5, 2020

7:30 PM:

Six teenagers pulled off the region’s largest protest against racism and police brutality in recent memory, local news reported. https://t.co/3jX2gGOAgn

— HuffPost BlackVoices (@blackvoices) June 5, 2020

7:20 PM:

72% of U.S. adults are worried protests will increase the spread of the coronavirus.

63% are worried reopening the economy will increase the spread of the virus. pic.twitter.com/WGiuIyW4ld

— Lance Lambert (@NewsLambert) June 5, 2020

7:10 PM:

New York:

Rain doesn’t stop peaceful protests in NYC @CBSNewYork pic.twitter.com/mkBEQk6qI8

— Ali Bauman (@AliBaumanTV) June 5, 2020

Thousands of protesters take a knee along 5th Ave @CBSNewYork pic.twitter.com/Qir9ORsoYn

— Ali Bauman (@AliBaumanTV) June 5, 2020

Up and down Lexington Ave right now pic.twitter.com/qgQgwlYTqw

— Taylor Lorenz (@TaylorLorenz) June 5, 2020


Proud of this crowd of fellow peaceful protesters here in Denver right now pic.twitter.com/rz7Y0A3dNy

— David Sirota (@davidsirota) June 5, 2020


HAPPENING NOW: Protesters in Cherry Hill are laying down on Haddonfield Rd for 8 minutes and 45 seconds in memory of George Floyd. @CBSPhilly pic.twitter.com/ttJKYgDSrF

— Kimberly Davis CBS3 (@KimberlyDavisTV) June 5, 2020


Protestors outside city hall sing “Happy birthday” to Breonna Taylor who would’ve turned 27 today. @dallasnews pic.twitter.com/6lwf6tulhF

— Obed Manuel (@obedmanuel) June 5, 2020

6:59 PM: NFL:

We, the NFL, condemn racism and the systematic oppression of Black People. We, the NFL, admit we were wrong for not listening to NFL players earlier and encourage all to speak out and peacefully protest. We, the NFL, believe Black Lives Matter. #InspireChange pic.twitter.com/ENWQP8A0sv

— NFL (@NFL) June 5, 2020

6:55 PM: Maxine:

.@RepMaxineWaters joins @ABCNewsLive to discuss the protests following the death of George Floyd. https://t.co/nvuK2vRbmR

“Something is wrong with the ongoing, consistent racism and discrimination that this country has endured for so long.” pic.twitter.com/QiIypNpMGW

— ABC News Live (@ABCNewsLive) June 5, 2020

Is there one brave member of Trump’s cabinet who would move to initiate the 25th amendment to remove him from office??? Now is the time to save our country before this would-be DICTATOR takes us all down!

— Maxine Waters (@RepMaxineWaters) June 5, 2020

Trump brought in the FBI, Homeland Security, Natl Guard, active duty military troops, & helicopters to use against our citizens & our young people protesting against the killing of unarmed people of color. He is amassing the power of a dictator. Stop him! Join the resistance!

— Maxine Waters (@RepMaxineWaters) June 5, 2020

6:50 PM: Oakland, CA:

And finally, I took a look at the fight that’s been brewing in Oakland Unified School District for years: police in schools.

OUSD is the only district in the county with its own police force. Will that finally change?https://t.co/8xU3qGu3Bm

— ashley mcbride (@ashleynmcb) June 5, 2020

6:49 PM: Miami, FL:

#Watch live: Hundreds of demonstrators gathered in Wynwood on Friday afternoon. https://t.co/utq9emal95 pic.twitter.com/Iu5Dnnu0Fs

— CBS4 Miami (@CBSMiami) June 5, 2020

6:45 PM: Buffalo Mayor: Disbanding Police Dept. “Ridiculous.”

Buffalo Mayor Byron Brown when asked about protestors calling for the Buffalo Police Department to be disbanded: pic.twitter.com/X9g20clAX3

— News 4 Buffalo (@news4buffalo) June 5, 2020

Video @TheBuffaloNews

A video sweep of Pine Ave. in Niagara Falls shows that most merchants here have boarded up their windowed store fronts.

NYS Parks policeman just told me there’s an organized peaceful protest this evening. pic.twitter.com/zaMyq3lKcs

— Robert Kirkham (@RobertKirkhamBN) June 5, 2020

6:35 PM: Facebook looking at “amendments.”

Just in: Mark Zuckerberg says in a post that Facebook will reconsider its policies on threats of violence, voter suppression & more in wake of the Trump backlash https://t.co/Tjh9aAO4mN

— Cristiano Lima (@viaCristiano) June 5, 2020

6:30 PM:

SEATTLE (@AP) — Seattle Mayor Jenny Durkan announces 30-day ban on use of tear gas during protests.

— Stefanie Dazio (@steffdaz) June 5, 2020

I’m on 16th St. in DC, where a vigil for George Floyd has brought people out to line the streets in the rain. All Souls Church just started ringing its bells for 8 minutes and 46 seconds, and everyone took a knee. pic.twitter.com/7knoeeInBe

— Molly Hensley-Clancy (@mollyhc) June 5, 2020

Powerful images along 16th street as DC residents take a knee as church bells ring out pic.twitter.com/KDyOJrOcVR

— Cory (@CoryNBC) June 5, 2020

#DCwx: Streams, creeks, low lying areas could be prone to flooding this evening.

This is behind the @Hyattstownvfd fire station. @wusa9 pic.twitter.com/oiIgoDIfBz

— Tom Dempsey (@KCTomDempsey) June 5, 2020

That shift comes as support for the Floyd protests — and the protesters involved — ticks up by nearly double digits.https://t.co/GzkrrX1Sz8 pic.twitter.com/cIzlKfbq9m

— Cameron Easley (@cameron_easley) June 5, 2020


43% of Americans said that the killings in Ferguson and NYC were “signs of a broader problem” and 51% said they were “isolated incidents” in a Post-ABC poll


74% say George Floyd’s killing was a sign of a broader problem in a ABC-Ipsos pollhttps://t.co/zsoaNVqCrG

— Emily Guskin (@EmGusk) June 5, 2020

Said “sign(s) of a broader problem”

Dems in 2014: 65%

Dems in 2020: 92%

Inds in 2014: 41%

Inds in 2020: 71%

GOP in 2014: 19%

GOP in 2020: 55%

— Emily Guskin (@EmGusk) June 5, 2020

Breaking via Vox: A US Park Police spokesperson said it was a “mistake” to insist it didn’t use tear gas in Lafayette Square to disperse a crowd ahead of Trump’s photo op, explicitly noting pepper balls shot by officials irritate the eyes and cause tears. https://t.co/Maqw3SR4hK

— Kyle Griffin (@kylegriffin1) June 5, 2020

‘Live PD,’ ‘Cops’ Pulled from TV Schedules in Light of George Floyd Protests (EXCLUSIVE) https://t.co/60LxqdFUPL via @variety

— Kate Aurthur (@KateAurthur) June 5, 2020

NPR-Marist poll:

56% of registered voters believe police behaving appropriately or not aggressively enough

Only 34% believe police too aggressive.


— Josh Kraushaar (@HotlineJosh) June 5, 2020

The Portland Press Herald – the largest newspaper in Susan Collins’ home state of Maine – calls on Trump to resign:

“He lacks the character, maturity and judgment to lead the country in a perilous time.” https://t.co/frnTdmYdpT

— Amy Siskind 🏳️‍🌈 (@Amy_Siskind) June 5, 2020

.@KamalaHarris stopped off at the giant Black Lives Matter message leading to the White House. https://t.co/MecYfdFM2Y

— Christopher Cadelago (@ccadelago) June 5, 2020


— Alexandra Bell (@atomicbell) June 5, 2020

— LOL: They would rather offer “legal services” to detained food delivery workers than offer them better pay, benefits:

DoorDash, Uber Eats to help delivery workers detained after curfew #CrainsNY https://t.co/79Js3jHYtZ pic.twitter.com/c7f2Xs29DZ

— Crain’s New York (@CrainsNewYork) June 5, 2020

Maricopa County Public Health Executive Director Marcy Flanagan said they are seeing an increase in COVID-19 cases that is not due to just an increase in testing. Hospitalizations are also up.”All of these indicators together tell us there’s an increased spread in the community.”

— Anne Ryman (@anneryman) June 5, 2020

Hey Denver. Our citywide curfew order expired at 5a this morning and will not be extended. Please stay safe out there. pic.twitter.com/U4PACbiLdt

— Michael B. Hancock (@MayorHancock) June 5, 2020

House Dem Caucus Chair Jeffries:”Cong. Black Caucus is working hard to put forth the legislative package to respond to the moment that we are in & to finally bring some accountability & change to the manner in which our communities & every other community is policed in America.” https://t.co/IjiI6HEGJY

— Craig Caplan (@CraigCaplan) June 5, 2020

NEW: California Gov. Gavin Newsom says he will look into a ban on the use of strangleholds in the state. https://t.co/SkanbOvKF1 pic.twitter.com/nufg5LEOMm

— ABC News (@ABC) June 5, 2020

While police continue to riot in NYC, and LA and across the nation, Seattle has remained orderly and peaceful since the curfew was rescinded and police decided to stay a comfortable distance from the barricade lines.

So… deescalation works. Who knew?

— Goldy ☂️ (@GoldyHA) June 5, 2020

Here’s the site where Martin Gugino lay after being pushed by two #Buffalo police officers Thursday night. I’ll have a look at the reaction, starting with #News4at4 w/ @christykern4. Tune in. pic.twitter.com/tezmNtv3er

— Dave Greber (@DaveGreber4) June 5, 2020

“These officers were simply following orders,” said police union president John Evans. “I don’t know how much contact was made. He did slip in my estimation. He fell backwards.” https://t.co/Kce85uqO0P

— Devlin Barrett (@DevlinBarrett) June 5, 2020

right now every employer in america is terrified that their black employees will be honest about their work experiences

— ziwe (@ziwe) June 5, 2020

Abby Lee Miller Reality Show Cancelled at Lifetime After Her Racist #DanceMoms Remarks Are Revealed https://t.co/CziRxyxz3o

— TVLine.com (@TVLine) June 5, 2020

#BREAKING: I’m told the entire @BPDAlerts Emergency Response Team has resigned from the team, a total of 57 officers, as a show of support for the officers who are suspended without pay after shoving Martin Gugino, 75. They are still employed, but no longer on ERT. @news4buffalo

— Dave Greber (@DaveGreber4) June 5, 2020

If Seattle’s police union doesn’t seriously address racism in its ranks, the area’s largest labor coalition will kick them out. The union also “must commit to police contracts that do not evade accountability.” https://t.co/kmdEbyt0Ce

— David Beard (@dabeard) June 5, 2020

Video posted of LAPD officers outraged over proposed cuts following protests addressing LA City Councilwoman Monica Rodriguez. “Now you’re cutting from their families and they put everything on the line? We are going to fight… At the ballot box.” @CBSLA @CBSNews pic.twitter.com/9YXcMCd3Hd

— JASMINE VIEL (@jasmineviel) June 5, 2020

LA Galaxy part ways with midfielder Aleksandar Katai after his wife, Tea, made posts on Instagram saying that authorities should kill protesters and describing them as “disgusting cattle” https://t.co/5joZUiIOmc pic.twitter.com/yRK0MRiExT

— Bleacher Report (@BleacherReport) June 5, 2020

Documents obtained by @nickturse via FOIA reveal the Pentagon has planned for “a scenario in which members of Generation Z, driven by malaise and discontent, launch a ‘Zbellion’ in America in the mid-2020s.” https://t.co/cigpi9ubkV

— Sam Biddle (@samfbiddle) June 5, 2020

The raw pain and anger was directed at @NYCMayor. He wasn’t a witness to it; he was the subject of it. https://t.co/0RUS9uhPO9

— Sally Goldenberg (@SallyGold) June 5, 2020

“George Floyd’s last words, ‘I can’t breathe. I can’t breathe,’ they’ve echoed all across this nation,” Joe Biden said. “For the president to try to put any other words in the mouth of George Floyd I frankly think is despicable.” https://t.co/s1BaLHbe2Z

— Kyle Griffin (@kylegriffin1) June 5, 2020

CNN Medical Correspondent Goes Off on Trump For ‘Dangerous’ Seating at Presser: ‘This is Outrageous’ https://t.co/ChX4WOgV7F

— Mediaite (@Mediaite) June 5, 2020

NYT’s @JBennet, who sources described as appearing “shaken” and “troubled,” said on Friday’s town hall that Tom Cotton’s op-ed will not appear in print Sunday & that an editor’s note will be appended to online version. Bennet apologized for whole debacle. https://t.co/AJ9iR5bn9o

— Oliver Darcy (@oliverdarcy) June 5, 2020

The irony is that Brees apologized for missing the exact point that Trump is missing here. pic.twitter.com/hYs2SeGimA

— Steve Vladeck (@steve_vladeck) June 5, 2020

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***Live Updates*** George Floyd Protests Continue

***Live Updates*** George Floyd Protests Continue

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