Agenda for 2019
Final agenda will be posted 2 weeks before the event

Golf Shotgun Scramble fundraiser
Illegal Immigration, what are real solutions
Communicating Liberty: Mind the Gap
Texas Hold'em fundraiser tournament
Opioid abuse in the US, how it started and what are real solutions
Communications that Lead: Passionate, Sticky Stories (recommended for leaders & citizen activists)
Criminal Justice reform and why we need to take a serious look at this issue
Recruiting Friends and Influencing Policy: KISS THEM! (recommended for casual activist attendees)
VIP Yacht Party
Internet Bill of Rights: we don't have the Rights we think we have on the Internet, How can we fix that?
Words that Win • Know your Voter
Marijuana legalization, Let's pass this discussion around with some experts.
Crisis Communications
Silent auction to help fight Breast Cancer
2nd Amendment, Why is it important to protect?
Campaign Strategy
Live music and entertainment
Memetics, messages to your soul.
Campaign Structure
Freedom of Speech
Hiring & Firing Consultants
Women for Trump Social
Artificial Intelligence, why I should be concerned about it.
Lets talk.  Why 20% keeps us from  talking about  the other 80%
LGBT Rights
Reality Architects
Voter Fraud, Whats the deal?
Human and Child Trafficking in 2019
Deep dive into SpyGate/RussiaGate