9:00 AM Registration opens Main Desk by Salon 1
10:00 AM Conference Opens Salon 3
10:00 AM Opening Statement Pledge of Allegiance Alex Phillips, Tom Shadilay, Brian Smyth, Kerry Smyth, Nathan Martin Salon 3
10:15 AM MAGA Pastor Mark Burns Salon 3
10:45 AM Property Owner’s Rights Laura Niswander Salon 3
11:00 AM Citizen Journalism (The New Media) Moderator Dr. Jane Ruby, Panel – Laura Loomer, Jacob Engles, Tracy Beanz Salon 3
11:45 AM LUNCH (On Your Own) Registration desk next to Salon 1
1:00 PM Welcome back! Alex Phillips Salon 3
1:00 PM Stefan Molyneux Stefan Molyneux, Introduction by Ali Alexander Salon 3
1:45 PM Internet Bill of Rights Moderator Alex Phillips – Laura Loomer, Harold Feld, Cynthia Dunbar Salon 3
2:30 PM Break
3:00 PM Grass Roots Free speech Marjorie Taylor Greene Salon 3
3:15 PM Keynote Speaker Roger Stone Salon 3
3:45 PM Break
4:45 PM Registration Closes Desk in front of Salon 1
5:00 PM VIP Pre-Party Photos – Reception Sean Campbell Salon 1
5:45 PM Hoaxed Meet & Greet Dr. Jane Ruby, AMP18 Team, Mike Cernovich, and guests Salon 2
6:45 PM Introduction Mike Cernovich, Dr. Jane Ruby, Alex Phillips Salon 3
7:00 PM Screening of Hoaxed Salon 3
9:15 PM Mike Cernovich Q & A Mike Cernovich and Special Guest Salon 3
9:45 PM Hoaxed After Party Mike Cernovich, Dr. Jane Ruby, Alex Phillips, and special guest Salon 2
8:00 AM Registration desk opens
8:30 AM Coffee With the Mooch Special Guest – Anthony Scaramucci
9:00 AM Breakfast Maryland
9:45 AM Conference Opening Alex Phillips & Dr. Jane Ruby, Joe Dan Gorman Salon 3
10:00 AM The #WalkAway Movement Brandon Straka Salon 3
10:15 AM The Opioid Crisis Martha Boneta Salon 3
10:30 AM Making Love Great Again Deanna Lorraine Maryland
10:45 AM Sanctuary Cities Genevieve Peters Salon 3
11:00 AM The Right View Moderator Amy Kremer – Katrina Pierson, Dr. Gina Loudon, Martha Boneta Salon 3
11:45 AM Break for Lunch Break for – Photos for luncheon hallway
12:00 PM Lipstick & Liberty Amy Kremer, Katrina Pierson, Dr. Gina Loudan, Martha Boneta Salon 1
12:45 PM Welcome Back! Dr. Jane Ruby Salon 3
1:00 PM On Making a Political Impact Scott Pressler Salon 3
1:15 PM Preparing For 2020 Ali Alexander Salon 3
1:30 PM Speaker Mahgdalen Rose Salon 3
1:45 PM Marijuana and the MAGA Movement Joey Gilbert Salon 3
2:00 PM Illegal Immigration & Border Security Patty Liman, Sabine Durden, Chris Chmielenski, Quentin Kramer Salon 3
2:30 PM Social justice in Comics and Movies Brett Smith, Tim Lim, Lisa De Pasquale Salon 3
3:00 PM Coming out of the Conservative Closet John Paul – Grand Opportunity USA Salon 3
3:15 PM Speaker Tracy Beanz Salon 3
3:30 PM Arts & Culture on the Right Peter Duke & Lucian Wintrich Salon 3
4:00 PM Is the Second Amendment Still Practical for Today? Erich Pratt Salon 3
4:15 PM Broadband in America Alex Phillips, Claude Aiken, elizabeth Bowles, Mark Bayliss Salon 3
4:45 PM Break
6:30 PM Red Carpent & Pictures Christmas Gala Cocktails and Photos TBA
7:30 PM Fire & Ice Winner Wonderland Galla Welcomed by Pastor Mark Burns
7:45 PM Dinner
8:15 PM Program Dr. Jane Ruby
8:30 PM Awards Kotcha, Cari, Tom, Kerry, Brian, Alex, Jane
9:00 PM Entertainment
7:00 AM Coffee Service Starts
7:15 AM AMP18 Team Breakfast Corey and David
9:00 AM Welcome Brandon Tatum, Turning Poing USA
9:15 AM College Conservatism: How to flip Millennials Emmanuel Sessegnon
9:45 AM Vets on National Security Gretchen Smith Moderator Buzz Patterson and Jason Beardsly
10:15 AM TBD Fred Peterson
10:30 AM Political Violence RC Maxwell, Suzanne Monk and Heyer Foundation – Political Violence
11:00 AM Speaker Phil Bell of FreedomWorks
11:15 AM Speaker Omar Navarro Salon 3
11:30 AM  Second Amendment Institute Tyler Yzaguirre
11:45 AM Identity Protection Bill & Govt Sanctioned Identity Theft Ron Wilcox & Mark Bayliss
12:15 PM Lunch
1:00 PM Welcome Back Alex Phillips
1:15 PM EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW George Papadopoulos
1:45 PM Introduction to Non-Ideological Ameri-Prioritism Ali Alexander
2:00 PM Lame-Duck/Clean House Agenda Fred Burgos
2:15 PM Heretics Unite Joel Stalitin
2:30 PM  Bill Clinton Assault Victim Leslie Millwee
2:45 PM
3:00 PM Deep dive in the life Laura Loomer Virginia A
3:00 PM Memetics – the left can’t meme the future of MAGA memetic Tom Shadilay, Jack Posobiec, Carpe Donktum, Peter Duke Virginia B
4:00 PM Break-out: Freedom of Speech Craig James, Johnothan Miranda, Emmanuel Sessegnon Virginia A
4:00 PM Voter integrity Megan Barth and Christian Adams Virginia B
4:00 PM Breakout Session Convention of States Virginia C
4:15 PM Speaker
4:30 PM Speaker/Panel
4:45 PM Speaker/Panel
5:00 PM End of Conference