The conference planned this December 6-8th in Washington DC at the Marriott Wardman Park. The American Priority Conference is focused on issues related to government, policy as well as culture in America where we will be talking about what is our priority as Americans.  We will be a conference for the people and by the people so no special interests will be highlighted.  It is predominantly a conservative group, however, we hope to have a balanced approach to the type of information provided to the attendees.

Conference Topics

Breakout Sessions

  • Matt Couch – America First Media Group

  • Dan Schultz – The Neighborhood Precinct Committeeman Strategy: Conservatives Can and Must Get Involved In Party Politics Where They Live.
  • Laura Loomer – Illuminate Media

  • Tom Shadilay – The Left Can’t Meme: The Future of MAGA Memetics.

  • Convention of States.

Other Events at the Conference


Alex Phillips

Alex is an Internet Service provider since 1995. He was on the Board of Directors of the Wireless ISP Association from 2011 -2017 and its immediate past President.


Ali Alexander

Mark Bayliss

Jason Beardsley

Martha Boneta

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Elizabeth Bowles

Mike Cernovich

Chris Chmielenski

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Matt Couch

Kari Baxter Donovan

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Peter Duke

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Cynthia Dunbar

Sabine Durden

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Harold Feld

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Joe Dan Gorman

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Marjorie Taylor Greene

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Peter Huessy

Niger Innis

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Criag James

Timothy Lim

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Laura Loomer

Clare Lopez

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R.C. Maxwell

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Dan Schultz

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