American Priority was founded in 2018 on three main principles: Liberty, Integrity and Equality. After the 2016 election, our country got a fresh chance at reimagining the American Dream that seemed to be fading from view. With President Trump’s win the status quo was wholly upended and a new breath of air was given to America. It gave us a chance to redefine our priorities as a collective people. Liberty has been at the heart of our country since it’s founding. With the advent of technology and the digital age, this profound concept has begun to fade. Integrity is so critical to a functioning society - be it personal integrity, institutional integrity or journalistic integrity.

At such a critical juncture in our country’s history, we are learning things about our institutions that have confirmed our worst instincts. Equality is also a bedrock of America’s promise. Throughout the history of this nation, we have fought to secure equality of opportunity for all. It quite literally was the basis of our Civil War. With these three principles in mind, our founder Alex Phillips put together American Priority - to refocus and retool our collective energy into promoting the ideals that have made America what it is, and what will continue to define it in the future. Though we sometimes see a shift away from these great ideals, American Priority strives to serve as a company that can bring them to the forefront through a variety of events, lectures and other means. It is with these three guiding principles that we do everything we do.8